Friday, October 23, 2009

A sweet boy and a Fun craft

Yes, I will admit, P#3 and I have stayed in our P.J.'s all day long. The weather is icky, its dark, gloomy and rainy. The best days for being lazy and watching good ol' Sesame Street, and sewing up a few fun crafts,all while eating nana's and drinking coffee.
I kept saying:"Say cheese..."
"Say cheese..."
"Say cheese..."
"P#3! Say cheese..."
O.k. Fine "Melmo", the red monster is way cooler than me,I get it!
But still super annoying when you ignore me!
But finally, he turns to look and with what looked like an eye roll, he says "CHEESE!" As if really saying,"Are you happy now?"
And I made these adorable bags for my 3 P's and niece and nephew for Halloween, filled with candy,hot wheels, play jewelry, Flarp(if you've never played with this, you must! It will keep you laughing for hours)trading cards, barbie clothes, hair pretties & dinosaurs.I got the fabulous idea here, and just modified it to how I wanted it.Hers were quite small, and to be honest,I didn't want to measure anything. Hers are way cuter though, but oh well. And despite that, I still think they're pretty darn cute! And they're also big enough to hold a bottle of wine, and I have an extra, so I'm thinking...
Now It's time for me to go and feel human, we have our Friday Family Date Night, and I can't go out in jammies.Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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