Monday, October 12, 2009

P#2's Costume

I started the prep work of getting her costume ready, cutting the pattern and fabric. Then today I sewed it, I started this morning thinking it was going to be hard,but it was surprisingly easy. Only the fabric is THEE worst to sew on. 3 things that should be included in a warning label:
1) Its VERY slippery, so try as you might, its hard to keep a straight seam.
2) It frays like no other
3) You can't really press your seam that well cause believe me, it will melt.


  1. I LOOOOve this!despite all the trials and tribulations you did a great job! Paige is one lucky little geisha girl :)

  2. Your daughter's name is Paige, too? How fun!! I'm just totally weirded out by all of the similarities in our lives! :o)

  3. Oh yeah, and that kimono is amazing!!!


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