Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Opinions needed...

So... My sister is getting married in June. Everything is pretty much set and done! It's crazy that it seems like yesterday they had just got engaged.

So now she's getting her set list for the D.J. She's asked me my opinions and for some more thoughtful insight into more music. We've come up with some pretty good song choices. But we are torn on a few, and even the groom is confused.

So last night I said I was going to ask my blog friends and see what they think, or maybe you guys have other suggesions.

O.k. This is what is going down:

She has decided that during the diner hour she is going to play Classics like Frank Sinatra and Billy Holiday.
Serious dance music like Lady Gaga and Usher during the dance times.
This is where She'd like opinions:

Reception entrance song:

I got a feelin-  Black Eyed Peas
These are the Days-  10,000 Maniacs

First Dance:

You and I-  Michael Buble ( My personal Fave)
You are the Best thing- Ray LaMontagne

We were also trying to figure out:

 father daughter songs
A good song for the cake cut
Garter and bouquet toss (different songs for each)

And most important:

She wants something non-traditional for the walk down the isle, She's thinking about Clair de Lune by Debussy.

SO..... Opinions and any suggestions?

 And if you've never listened to Michael Buble, I highly recomend him, his voice melts you and he is quite the looker.
I want him to seranade me.


  1. Check out "Confess" by Shawn McDonald. Don't know if she would want to use it, it's a little slow, but it's what I used for the cake cutting. Also, there is an album on ITunes called "Weddings: Father/Daughter Dance" - maybe she'll like one of those songs. Other Father/Daughter suggestions - "Cinderalla" by Steven Curtis Chapman and "My Wish" by Rascal Flats (this is what my dad and I danced to).

  2. A good father daughter song is John Mayers, Daughters! That was my daddy daughter song at my wedding. I love it!

  3. Thought of another - Jadon Lavik "This Day"

  4. I love the song "Dance with me" by Carter T. :) and "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain and "I just Call you mine" by Martina McBride "My Father's Eyes" by Amy Grant and also "I Loved Her First" by Heartland ... there's so many!

  5. Oh and I forgot, "Love Never Fails" by Brandon Heath!!! Great song to walk down the isle to! Carter T has a lot of great songs also! :) Hope any of these help!

  6. Daddy/daughter: "Butterfly kisses" - Bob Carlisle (and others), love "Cinderella" that Laura mentioned!
    Reception entrance: love the Black Eyes Peas song
    First Dance: always love Michael Buble but that one's pretty slow - will it be tricky to dance to? Just wondering aloud...
    The Debussy is soooo beautiful! It would set a really soft romantic mood. I had Pachelbel's Canon in D, but that's pretty common.
    Hope you find all the comments helpful

  7. "Cinderella is a good one! LOVE "Clair de Lune" for the aisle - wish I had thought of that for my wedding!
    If the bride really likes Debussy, you could suggest "Arabesque No.1" for the cake song - another light any airy song that would be good for background music.

  8. Thank You ladies! You have all been so helpful! I need to get on Lala and listen to them all.I did listen to Cinderella, and its SO cute! I knew you guys would come up with some good stuff! You guys rock!

  9. You should take a listen to "Angel in My Arms" at It's a fabulous new father daughter song.


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