Friday, February 12, 2010

What a week..

Its been quite a busy week around here.

The hubs and I anniversary is this Sunday. I had been racking my brain on what I could get a man who has all the tools he's wants, is so NOT into electronics, and wears t-shirt and jeans everywhere. On last Sunday, after the Superbowl we were heading home and he says, "You know, I really miss having bon fires, we used to that every weekend, too bad you can't burn here." The next day I called our local fire dpt. and they say you can burn, and that as long as its not tumbleweeds, "have fun!" I went down to Wal-mart and bought a fire pit, stopped at a job site and asked If we could have the scrap wood and went home and set it up. He was SO VERY excited! I'm proud of myself for thinking of something he was not expecting.

We made some cute Valentines:

I've been working on My Sisters wedding stuff (kinda a spoiler so I didn't post the whole thing cause she would probly kill me!) I did the label and e-mailed it to her, she did the rest and did an awesome job!:

P#2 made the star student this week. Monday we had to make a book all about her, Tuesday she had to bring her favorite book to read to the class, Thursday was Show and Tell, she wanted Titan and her brother to come in, so we spent some time in her class yesterday during her V-day party.Today she will be receiving an award for honesty from the principle. I willpost pics on that!!!

I've been cleaning and preparing for our visitors this weekend.

And I had wisdom teeth pulled.

I will leave you with some cute pics of P#3 eating lunch. Just cause he's so darn cute!
{ look cute}

    {carefull,its hot}

{be sure to laugh}

{use 2 spoons}

{and take huge bites}

Hope you all enjoy your weekend. Filled with lots of LOVE.

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