Thursday, February 25, 2010

Camera Strap

I attempted a camera strap. It was super easy! You just need to measure from end to end of your existing strap (I did just the cloth part, I wanted the leather ends to show) add a 1/2 in to that for seam allowance, and measure the width, adding 1/2 inch to that. Sew your ends under and then sew along the length, turn and press! It took a total of 10 min.
 I made mine with a contrasting fabric at the ends, I didn't measure that to give you an exact measurement, I just kinda eyed it! I got all the fabric cut to make 3 more. I was planning an assembly style sewing hour, but little man woke from his nap. Its kinda like those movies where there are kids doing something their not supposed to and the parent catches them, and they play that music... DuhnDuhnDuhn. Yea, thats what its like when he wakes and I'm doing something I can only do when he's sleeping. Anyways, when I get them done I will be doing my first giveaway!... I'm nearing my 100th post!
If you want some good How-to's:


  1. Christina you did a great job! I love that camera strap! Yay! 100th post!! I remember mine fondly :)
    hugs LA

  2. Awesome Job! I have seen a few posts on how to make them but I don't know if I am "machine" handy enough to make my own:-)


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