Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My little stud muffin

I saw this tie, complete with tutorial AND a free pattern download over at M&A. I thought, hmmm... P#3 needs a tie. You know, so he can look all cute and man-ish. The tutorial looked confusing when reading it, but once I sat down at my machine it was SUPER easy! And when I say SUPER EASY, I mean I had it done in 10 minutes, and it was really fun to make. So I went back to my stash to see what other kinds of boy looking fabrics I had and made 2 more!! I think this will get him through. Plus the Black one is big enough to fit P#1( Its really easy to alter the size to make it bigger), Just wish me luck trying to get him to put it on, if it doesn't have Nike or a sport theme something on it, HA! He doesn't wear it.



  1. Christina those are some smart looking ties! You did a fab job! Good luck getting him to wear them :) x

  2. Aaw those are so cute!! They turned out great!!

    And your son looks oh so cute wearing them!!

  3. So glad the tutorial worked! ; )

    Your son is adorable. There is nothing cuter than a little guy in a tie. Love it!


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