Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What was that Mr. Punxsutawney Phil?

6 more weeks of winter?  I call foul!
First let me tell you about where we live, it's in Washington State.You know the green, gray, soggy part of the Pacific Northwest?
We live in the eastern portion,which alot of people dont realize is actually a desert.We have extreme summers that are terribly hot, ridiculously cold winters, and beautiful sunshine 320 days out of the year.
This winter has been so mild and wet, not the norm.It is still usually in the 20's here this time of year.But so far since 2010 it's been in the mid 50's with lots of rain.I dont mind since I grew up in the Seattle area and love the rain.
But here's my problem:
This is what my yard looks like in May, the grass starts turn back green and everything that lay dormant through the winter starts to bloom in April.

 Its only mid February and my plants are starting to bloom, and my grass is starting to turn green, and our irigation doesn't even come on until April! While I'm excited thats its great outside and somewhat warm, I'm not fooled that it wont freeze again. It happened last year in April and I lost half my crops.This is just craziness!

Here are some of my Lillies coming up from the earth.

Lets hope that my beauties stay strong!


  1. I KNOW!! MY grass is already turning green! This has been such a strange winter. I hope it's just an early spring, stay away frost!!

  2. I'm so jealous I'm also in eastern Washington. It looks nothing like that up here .... its been dreary and gross! send that sunshine this way!


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