Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend in review

We spent our weekend being outdoors. It has been such a gorgeous here in Eastern Washington. Spring is definatley hanging in the air. The mornings are still alittle frosty, but once that sun comes up it is just fantastic! I'm SO ready for Spring to just get here, I want to start my garden. We did some prep work for it yesterday, mulching and spreading cow manure, pulling out all the dead stuff , pruning trees, and thining of the strawberry patch. OH I CAN'T WAIT!!! We took a 1 hour drive north to find this beautiful waterfall, I dont know why we've never gone here before, It truley looks to be something of a miracle. This should not be in the middle of the desert. Literally, driving for miles and miles of NOTHING but tumble weeds and old broken towns. Its quite amazing if you ask me.

And that is alot of pictures!! Sorry to bore you.

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  1. No boredom here! Just wishing it was as nice here as it is there :) Looks like you had a fantastic weekend...thanks for sharing! xx


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