Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just a few things

You still have time to enter the camera strap giveaway ~HERE~

The kids and I have been nasty sick. We woke yesterday at 3 am and were not able to keep anything down the rest of the day. We are all feeling much better today though, so if I didn't answer any of your questions or e-mails thats why:)

I had quite a few people asking why they couldn't find the followers button. For some weird reason mine just quit working and I was getting this weird error message instead of the button, so I removed it. I'm not very tech-y so I just gave up. If anyone knows why or how to fix it, please share. So for now, up on the very top left corner of the page in the navbar, there is a follow button right next to the search bar.Hope that helps:)

And can I just let you all know that yes, I am one of those Twilight nerds. They all have names, I can't remember what the moms are called:) I can say that I WAS a reader and fan WAY before it got out of hand with the crazy tweens.And before it got all comercial, but thats completly different. I was so disapointed when I walked into Wal-mart and saw Twilight stuff everywhere. My sister read the books when they first came out, she called me and said you have to read this series, so I called the library, asked if they had it, and yes, they had 1 copy and it was checked in. So I started reading and I've read them all about 3 times. Now we can move on to the movies. I was highly disapointed in the first, the second actually was good, and the third looks even better! I'm excited for this one:

I have always been torn between Edward and Jacob. So I'm on both teams:)

What team are you on?


  1. Sorry Tina, have to disagree with you on this one. Although the movies will never get an Oscar or any awards, I think I love them because it's just...well...Twilight. I did love the books way more, but also enjoyed the movies. I'm a fan of both Edward and Jacob, I actually have the Edward and Bella Barbie Dolls that my wonderful kids gave me for Christmas. Jacob was out. :( Love reading your blog. Must get on more often.

  2. Edward- FOR SURE!!! Said by a 38 year old mother of 4! :)

  3. Christina sending you get well wishes...being sick really sucks!
    I love your pretty camera strap giveaway but don't have a camera that could use one.

    Team Edward!


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