Thursday, March 25, 2010

Smarty Pants~ And one proud Mama

Yesterday was the kids spring conference. First we went to P#2 and her teacher had nothing but good things to say about her. She said she is smart and has made great improvments on her confidence. She clearly enjoys school and respects her family. That part made me happy. I guess we are all she talks about, mostly her older brother though .I love the relationship those two have.I was always close to my sisters and felt bad that my girl wouldn't have that, but clearly its not the case, her and her brother are best friends. Her teacher knows a whole lot about how I run the house too. P#2 is always telling her about her chores, her bedtime, and even what we eat for dinner.  She learned to count to 100, add numbers up to 20, but her teacher thinks she can go further. She knows all of her sight words, and is progressing on reading. I'm very proud of my little girl for being such a good student!

P#1's conference was so eye opening. His teacher had lots to say. The only thing he needs to work on is, instead of ignoring the kids who aren't doing their work, to ask them to pay attention. I guess he has that kind of pull with his peers. And I always knew he was smart, you know like when your second grader asks to read Harry Potter, and you ask isn't that alittle above your reading level, and he says, well maybe, but I want to try. Ok then. But his teacher says he is SUPER smart. He asked what I felt about him going to a school for gifted kids. I was shocked! I felt kinda like a bad parent, how did I not know how inteligent he is? I almost started to cry, I was that proud. He says its not an easy process. This school is difficult to get into, but thinks he can do it. Right now he is reading on a Jr. high level, and the school district doesn't let the teachers teach or test past the next grade, which is 3rd. Same with math, he's on a 4th grade math level, but again, they can't teach it. His teacher thinks he will be held back in school, and unable to reach his pottential if he stays in his school. So his teacher is nominating him, then it has to go through a few hands before the principle of the other school evaluates it, then they test him, and if he passes, he will go next year. I'm nervous for him.
 And he's a bit embarassed I'm making a fuss over it. 


  1. Hi Christina! Isn't it great to go to these teacher conferences and hear such great things about your children. :)

  2. Things like this make being a parent SO worth it! Swelling with pride to the point of tears! I love it!


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