Friday, March 26, 2010

What to do...?

We will be losing P1 & P2 for the whole week. They are going to stay at Gramdma and Papa's for the week of spring break. So the hubs and I are trying  to figure out what to do with P3. While I'm looking forward to not packing lunches, having some quiet, and hopefully not cleaning a bazillion times a day, it's nice to have them around, they make me laugh and entertain the little guy. But I think they need a break from him and probably us as well.

So lets hope for long naps this week ( so I can get through my want-to-sew list)

Enough time to watch him sleep ( I could do this for ever, he's so peaceful)

And an abundance of sunshine, for playing outside, and picking spring flowers

We are still wondering what to do this weekend. Our weekends usually consist of parks or drives that involve something kid oriented. But P3 is still small enough to where he can't back talk us if we want to do something more adult-y. Maybe like a movie and dinner date? Going to a small town and antique browsing? Hmmm.....

What are your plans this week?

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