Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some photos

Just thought Id share some photos from our weekend. I took SO many, but I really like these.  My neice is so cute, and she's always making a fishy face or sticking her tongue out. Her mom says she doesn't smile  for cameras, I think she must like me, cause I caught a few smiles. I want to get her big brother too, but he's a cool pre-teen who is always looking like the camera is an inconveneince, but I will, whether he likes it or not!! He's just too handsome not to take a picture of!!

P#2 putting make-up on my neice. She really loved it. I heard she's calling P#2 sissy.. I love it!! Thats what we call her.

I love how you can see that My neices cousin must be saying something P#3 doesn't like and he's letting him know. It's so typical, and three 2 yr olds together, there was LOTS of baby fights, and hissy fits.

He's just so stinkin adorable

See?  She is hilarious!!!

P#2 loving the tire swing, and looking pretty doing it!

Again, stinkin adorable!

YES!!! A smile!! Isn't she beautiful?

My cool big guy, hes pretty handsome, I must say!

P#3 loved all the yummy cupcakes

I love this shot, everyones looking at P#1, maybe waiting for an answer? But he's totally paying attention to the basketball game going on.

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  1. You're so very have gorgeous, healthy and happy children :)
    Thank for always sharing such precious photos with us! xox


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