Friday, April 9, 2010

Keep Calm

Its been awhile since I've posted something. Our weeks have been busy, we've made 2 trips (5 hours) to Seattle, in 2 weeks. We've been working very hard in the yard and getting our garden ready. Playing in the sunshine (and wind!). And losing sleep over how I should wear my hair for my sisters wedding.Well not totally "losing sleep", but we were talking about it last night and I had  nightmares that a photographer (which really I am nervous about) was taking pictures of me but my hair was in the style of a birds nest. weird. And I looked terrible. I have this fear of having too much attention on myself, so if my hair looks good, then thats one less thing people will gawk at. That is why I didn't have a wedding, and that is the reason why I'm pretty much freaking out that I have to walk down the aisle by myself, outdoors ,in grass, in 3 in heels.

O.k. so on to crafty stuff.
I made this pillow for my sister. I really dont have the money to buy her the cool things on her registry, but I do have a lot of fabric, and a sewing machine. I thought this was perfect cause she loves shabby, and my brother in law loves WW2 memorabilia. Do ya'll know the story of this saying? If not you can find it here. I always thought it was something Rachel Ashwell came up with, goes to show how much I know my history!

{The back}

I didn't take pictures of the process, but I'm making another, so if you would like a tutorial on the pillow, just say the words!!

And I so LOVED this when I saw it forever ago. I decided to make one. You can find the tutorial here on Crafaholics Anoymous, the sheet music I printed is here, Wal-Mart has burlap, and I got the frame at he dollar store, just painted and sanded it. This project was super easy and super cute!!

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  1. what a cute idea I LOVE burlap & inexpensive can't get any better than that!WOuld love to see how to make the pillow.,


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