Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Our weekend and week so far have been pretty uneventful. We went garage saleing on Saturday, and I picked up the most terrible, HUGE polyester MooMoo dress, but the print is fantastic. My husband gave me this look like " I hope your going to NEVER wear that" I just smiled and said," I will make this cute!" So stayed tuned for a refashion. I'm also working on a tutorial for the bag I posted here. My posts will be sparse until next week, and I'll share then what I've been doing!!! It's ridiculous and exciting.

Everyday here we've been outside working on something. We FINALLY removed all the big peices of bark that were out in the back yard. I must say that whoever put that in must not have thought too thoroughly about using big chunks of bark as landscaping in the desert, it was home to some BIG nasty spiders{including black widows.} and other things that crawl, BLEGH!



Green Beans

It still amazes me that things can grow and suvive in sand. Have you been working on a garden? What are you growing?

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