Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend in review

This Saturday we celebrated a very special birthday.

My childhood friend gave birth to her beautiful little boy exactly 4 weeks after I had P#3.
He was healthy and happy.
But after a couple of months of him not gaining weight his mom knew there was something wrong. She kept going to doctors and they all had different ideas.  One day she called, crying, saying there was something wrong with his heart, and they had to leave to go to a better hospital. My heart broke for her and his dad, and for him, such a tiny little baby, so helpless.
They lived in the hospital for months, with the diagnosis of cardiomyopathy. His heart was failing and he wouldn't make it without a transplant.  We talked often and she was always so optimistic, although, if I know her, she sounded frightened.

One day in December of '08, right before Christmas, when he was 8 months old, she called me to say that they had a donor, and he would receive his new heart within a few short hours. We both cried tears of joy. I'm not sure exactly how she must have felt at that moment , overjoyed, terrified, grateful. But She said it best.... that it is the best Christmas gift they could have got.

Such a long journey for him and his family, and a long road ahead too. My friend is an amazing mother, I know she will always prevail.

So I'm over the top about being able to celebrate his Birthday, he made it, he's here, he's beautiful, and he's 2!!!!!

* There is SO much more to his story then I wrote, I just gave you guys the super shortened ME version of it, Im positive that my friend would have writen one a bazillion times better than me. I hope you dont mind*

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  1. How precious...he was truly meant to be :) God Bless him and his family and YOU for being such a great friend.


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