Friday, April 23, 2010

I can do it!

There has been some crafting going on here. But not the kind Im used to doing. My wonderfully talented friend who can do just about anything taught me to knit! Yup, Ive been knitting and purling until my fingers hurt. I'm just about done, I need to now sew on the dress, I'm so anxious to see what it turns out like. Who knows, this may be my new favorite hobby, maybe.


  1. Is that a bikini top? Cool!
    Congrats to you! I can only make scarfs :)

  2. Nice work :)

    K xx (stop by my blog at

  3. started knitting! Come join and look me up "imstitched". Add me as a friend. It's a knitters paradise over there! Anytime you want to talk knitting you send me an email girl!


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