Thursday, April 15, 2010

Backyard memories

We are starting to get use to where we live. It's crazy I never thought I could live without green and trees. I don't miss the constant rain anymore, and I actually really like the dessert rain.
 One thing I do miss is living in the woods. We used to have bonfires all the time. Get togethers where we all sat around a fire in our backyard, talking while the kids played hide-n-seek in the dark, until they were so tired they fell victim to the fires trance and fell asleep in our arms.
I got the hubs a firepit for our anniversary. I thought it would be a great idea. But we've only used it 2 times. I guess its just not the same. Especially for him.  Good memories he has of his friendships, and a friendship that only lives in memories.

The kids love it though. We decided (well P#2 decided) That smores sounded really good, so they begged their dad to start a fire. It was nice. And for a moment, it felt like we were back home.

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